10 Creative Halloween Toy Ideas for Kids!

Halloween is rapidly approaching, and as devoted parents, we all yearn to ensure that Halloween 2023 becomes an unforgettable and enchanting experience for our cherished little ones. This special time of the year is infused with a magical air, carrying a subtle hint of spookiness, and brimming with the eager anticipation of our children dressing up as their beloved characters. To truly elevate the Halloween spirit, we have meticulously curated a list of the top 10 Halloween toy ideas that are guaranteed to captivate and enchant your kids.

These Halloween-themed toys span a diverse spectrum, encompassing options that range from eerie and spine-tingling to utterly cute and cuddly. They promise to offer more than just fleeting moments of joy; they will ignite the fires of imagination and creativity within your children. Picture your youngsters immersing themselves in the captivating realm of glow-in-the-dark skeleton puzzles, taking whimsical flights on toy witch’s broomsticks, or enthusiastically decorating pumpkins with a dazzling array of stickers and vibrant paints.

Furthermore, these enchanting toys will invite your children to embark on exciting adventures, whether that involves constructing intricate haunted houses with building blocks, sharing tender moments with plush, huggable monsters, or partaking in friendly competition with spider-themed ring toss games. These Halloween-themed toys are not only sources of entertainment but also catalysts for interactive play, guaranteeing hours of wholesome enjoyment throughout the entire Halloween season.

Adding an extra layer of enchantment to your Halloween festivities are captivating Halloween-themed board games and intriguing magic potion kits, allowing your children to explore the mysteries of the supernatural. And, of course, what’s Halloween without the opportunity to transform into their favorite characters? Costume dress-up sets will empower your kids to become the very essence of Halloween, whether that entails donning a spooky ghostly guise, a mischievous witch, or any other beloved Halloween figure.

To conclude the spooky nights of Halloween, what could be more heartwarming than gathering around with your little ones and delving into captivating and age-appropriate scary stories, sourced from a specially curated spooky storybook? These tales will transport them to realms of mystery and intrigue, leaving a lasting impression on their young minds.

However, it’s essential to remember that these Halloween toy ideas encompass more than just playtime. They are about creating cherished and enduring memories that will make Halloween 2023 a truly unforgettable occasion for your children. So, prepare to immerse yourself in a season filled with thrills, chills, and a generous helping of fun, as we embark on a collective journey into the enchanting and captivating world of Halloween toys. Halloween is a time for us to bond, learn, and explore together, making it an experience your kids will treasure for a lifetime.


1. Glow-in-the-Dark Skeleton Puzzle

Give your kids a puzzle that’s both fun and educational. This glow-in-the-dark skeleton puzzle will keep them engaged while learning about the bones of the human body.


Learning Journey International Puzzle Doubles Glow in The Dark – Monsters

Unlock hours of interactive learning fun with our Learning Journey International Puzzle Doubles Glow in The Dark – Monsters. This 100-piece glow-in-the-dark preschool puzzle is specially designed for curious minds aged 3 and up. Crafted from high-quality materials, this puzzle transforms into a stunning 3 x 2 feet masterpiece that will captivate your child’s imagination.

2. Witch’s Broomstick Flying Kit

Let your kids’ imaginations take flight with a toy broomstick that actually flies indoors. They can pretend to be little witches and wizards, adding a touch of magic to your Halloween celebrations.


Jetec Halloween Witch Broom 

Unleash the Magic of Halloween with the Jetec Halloween Witch Broom Hat Set! This enchanting set includes a stylish witch hat and a realistic witch broom, perfect for Halloween parties, cosplay, and adding a touch of magic to your costume.

Crafted from high-quality materials, the black wizard hat is lightweight and foldable, making it easy to store or carry. The witch broom is made of durable plastic that won’t break or fade, ensuring long-lasting use.

The hat measures about 12.8 inches in height with an outer diameter of 14.96 inches, while the broom is 25.59 inches long, suitable for most people.

With this set, you can easily transform into a charming witch, creating a festive atmosphere at Halloween, masquerade parties, and themed events.

Choose this magical set today and become the center of attention at your next Halloween gathering. Embrace the enchantment – order now!

3. Pumpkin Decorating Set

Get creative with a pumpkin decorating kit that includes stickers, paints, and accessories. Your kids can turn ordinary pumpkins into spooky or silly Halloween masterpieces.


Greenbrier International Pumpkin Decorating Kits

Transform your home into a Halloween haven with the Greenbrier International Pumpkin Decorating Kits – Monsters & Witches Edition! Crafted with care, these kits are designed for kids and adults alike. No more messy carving – simply push these delightful decorations into your pumpkins for instant Halloween charm.

With a variety of pieces to choose from, you can mix and match to create your own unique pumpkin characters. From witches and bats to adorable monsters, the possibilities are endless. These high-quality plastic pieces are durable and easy to use, ensuring hours of creative fun.

Make this Halloween memorable with Greenbrier International Pumpkin Decorating Kits. Whether you’re decorating with family or friends, these kits are a fantastic way to get into the spooky spirit. Order yours now and bring the magic of Halloween to your doorstep!

Don’t wait – grab your Monsters & Witches Edition today and create pumpkins that will wow your guests!

4. Haunted House Building Blocks

Build a spooky haunted house with these themed building blocks. Complete with ghosts, bats, and other eerie elements, this toy promises hours of imaginative play.


Beego Halloween Haunted House Building Blocks Kit

The Beego Halloween Haunted House Building Blocks Kit is designed to spark your child’s creativity. With 780 pieces, kids can build their own spooky candy house, complete with Halloween-themed elements like vampires, ghosts, and more. The kit also includes LED lights to create an eerie ambiance. Safety is ensured with eco-friendly materials, and a brick separator is included for easier assembly. Building the candy house is both fun and educational, promoting parent-child bonding and developing skills. It’s an ideal gift for kids and adults, complete with a detailed instruction manual and a satisfaction guarantee. Get the kit to inspire creativity and imagination this Halloween!

5. Monster Plushies

For a softer touch, consider plush monster toys. These cuddly creatures make perfect companions during the Halloween season and beyond.


QKEWURO Wubbox Plush My Singing Monsters Soft Stuffed Animal Plush Doll

The QKEWURO Wubbox Plush is an 11-inch soft stuffed animal doll inspired by My Singing Monsters, suitable for fans of all ages. These plush monsters are designed with attention to detail, capturing the charm of the mobile game with their cute expressions and vibrant colors. They provide comfort and relaxation during stressful times.

Crafted from high-quality soft short plush and filled with cotton, these plush dolls are both soft and durable. They can be used to decorate bedrooms, living rooms, or offices. Whether you collect them or simply enjoy the game, these plushies will bring joy and become cherished pieces in your collection.

You can choose from a variety of themed plush toys, each featuring your favorite game monsters. They are more than just toys; they are companions that bring happiness and comfort to your life. Don’t miss out on the enchanting world of My Singing Monsters – order your QKEWURO Wubbox Plush today and experience the magic!

6. Spider Ring Toss Game

Set up a spider-themed ring toss game for some Halloween party fun. It’s a great way to engage your kids in a friendly competition.


Max Fun’s Inflatable Ring Toss Game

Get ready to elevate your Halloween party with the Max Fun Halloween Ring Toss Game. Designed for kids and family gatherings, this inflatable game is guaranteed to add excitement and laughter to your festivities.


  • Inflatable Spider and Witch’s Hat
  • 12 Rings (6 Inflatable + 6 Plastic)
  • Enhances Eye-Hand Coordination
  • Indoor and Outdoor Fun
  • Suitable for Children Ages 3 and Up

Max Fun’s Halloween Ring Toss Game is not just entertaining; it’s educational too. Your kids will improve their concentration skills while having a blast tossing rings onto the spider and witch’s hat. Plus, it’s easy to store and reuse for future Halloween parties.

Make your Halloween unforgettable with this delightful game that promises hours of entertainment. Order now and let the fun begin!

7. Halloween Themed Board Games

Explore spooky board games like “Ghostly Treasure Hunt” or “ThinkFun Shadows” These games offer hours of family entertainment.


Ghostly Treasure Hunt

The Lost Loot DIY Pirate Scavenger Hunt Halloween Game offers an adventurous experience where you search for Goldbeard’s lost treasure. Transform your home and yard into a pirate-themed playground. The goal is to find 5 special skeleton keys that open the treasure chest filled with jewels. Insert all 5 keys correctly and simultaneously to unlock the chest and discover its hidden treasures.

With over 100 indoor and outdoor clue cards, the game provides endless entertainment. You can vary the adventure by hiding the keys in different locations each time you play. It promotes creativity, quick thinking, and physical activity, making it an ideal activity for kids and families during holidays, parties, or playdates. Prepare for a unique treasure hunt by ordering the Lost Loot DIY Pirate Scavenger Hunt Halloween Game and embark on an exciting pirate adventure of your own!


ThinkFun Shadows

Experience an exciting adventure with the ThinkFun Shadows in the Forest Board Game! Designed for kids and families aged 8 and up, this innovative game takes you into a mysterious forest, where you can either be the Seeker controlling a lantern or part of the elusive Shadowing creatures. The Seeker’s goal is to freeze the Shadowing, while the Shadowing aim to reach the same tree. It’s a unique and thrilling adventure suitable for both boys and girls.

Inside the box, you’ll find high-quality components, including a game board, a mini lantern (with batteries included), a glow-in-the-dark die, 10 hiding places, 6 Shadowing figures, and 6 Shadowling masks. The game is designed for 2-7 players, so you can enjoy it with friends and family.

Clear instructions and easy-to-learn rules allow you to start playing right away. Turn down the lights, light your lantern, and immerse yourself in the Shadows in the Forest adventure. Will you discover the mysterious creatures hiding in the shadows, or will you be the one to freeze them in their tracks? Step into the forest and join the excitement today by getting your ThinkFun Shadows in the Forest Board Game!

8. Magic Potion Kit

Encourage your kids to become little wizards with a safe and fun potion-making kit. Let them mix up their own magical concoctions, adding an extra layer of enchantment to Halloween.


Magic Mixies Magic Potion Kit

Step into the world of spellbinding fun with the Magic Mixies – Magical Mist and Spells Refill Pack for Magic Cauldron. This colorful refill pack adds a touch of magic to your child’s potion-making adventures.

With an array of magical ingredients like Forest Rain, Moonlight Dust, Mermaid Spray, and more, this refill pack ensures endless potion possibilities. Follow the included Spell Book and create over 70 magic potions, each with its own unique and mesmerizing properties.

The Magic Mixies – Magical Mist and Spells Refill Pack is designed to enhance your child’s creativity and imagination. It’s a perfect addition to the Magic Mixies Magic Potion Kit, offering hours of mystical fun.

Don’t miss the opportunity to expand your child’s magical world. Order the Magic Mixies – Magical Mist and Spells Refill Pack today and let the enchantment continue!

9. Costume Dress-Up Set

Provide a variety of costumes and accessories for endless Halloween dress-up adventures. Whether they want to be superheroes, witches, or vampires, this toy will fuel their creativity.


3D Skeleton Costume Set for Kids Halloween Dress Up

The Spooktacular Creations Fierce 3D Skeleton Costume Set is perfect for kids aged 10 to 12, offering a thrilling and comfortable Halloween dress-up experience. The set includes a mask, jumpsuit, and gloves with 3D molded bones, crafted from durable EVA Foam and Polyester for durability. Its unique blend of spookiness and comfort, thanks to the spandex material, allows your child to enjoy Halloween festivities in comfort. It’s ideal for parties, festivals, and themed events, safety-tested, and easy to wear. Order now for an unforgettable Halloween costume!

10. Scary Stories Book

End your Halloween nights with spooky storytime. Find age-appropriate spooky storybooks to read together, creating cherished memories in the glow of candlelight.


Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark

“Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark” is a spine-tingling anthology series by folklorist Alvin Schwartz, filled with chilling tales and supernatural events. This Kindle edition features Stephen Gammell’s eerie artwork, enhancing the fear factor. With a 4.6-star rating and 3,000+ reviews, it’s a top choice for horror fans. With 88 pages of horror and suspense, this collection will captivate readers of all ages, offering an immersive and convenient Kindle format experience for $5.96. Dare to explore the unknown and face your deepest fears with this #1 bestseller in Children’s Folk Tales & Myth Anthologies.

These Halloween toy ideas are bound to make Halloween 2023 a memorable and magical experience for your kids. So, gear up for a season of thrills, chills, and loads of fun with these spooktacular toys!

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