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Meet the 9 Halloween Squishmallows Collection

Halloween approaches, heralding the season of spookiness. It’s the time to immerse yourself in the eerie ambience, but this year, traditional witches, ghosts, and goblins might take a back seat. Instead, prepare to be enchanted by the ghoulishly charming Halloween Squishmallows collection. These endearing, plush companions, so soft and huggable, have become the unexpected stars of the holiday season. In this comprehensive article, we shall embark on a deep exploration of this delightful assortment, delving into its origins, highlighting the most sought-after characters, and guiding you to the sources where you can acquire these affectionate Halloween-themed Squishmallows.

halloween squishmallow

What Are Halloween Squishmallows?

Halloween Squishmallows represent a distinctive iteration of the well-liked Squishmallows plush companions. Should you not possess familiarity with Squishmallows, these delightful creatures are soft and airy, akin to marshmallows, and are celebrated for their irresistibly gentle tactile quality and charming configurations. These Halloween-themed Squishmallows elevate the adorability quotient to an entirely new echelon, introducing us to phantasmagoric characters and the transient allure of the seasons.

The Spooky Origins

The story behind the Halloween Squishmallows collection is as heartwarming as the toys themselves. These ghoulishly cute characters were initially created to bring joy and comfort during the Halloween season. The creators wanted to offer a different kind of Halloween decoration, something that could be cuddled, cherished, and, most importantly, shared with loved ones.

Popular Characters

The Halloween Squishmallows collection boasts a range of popular characters. From ghostly goblins to pumpkin-headed pals, these plush toys cover a wide spectrum of Halloween themes. Here are a few favorites:

01) Otto The Grim Reaper

Discover enchantment this Halloween with Squishmallows 10″ Otto The Grim Reaper. Officially licensed by Kellytoy, this soft and squishy Halloween plush adds charm to the spooky season. Otto, approximately 10 inches in size, brings cuddles and comfort for kids and boys. Unveil the magic of Squishmallows this Squishmalloween! Don’t miss out—add him to your collection today.

02) Skeleton Kumori


Discover enchanting Halloween fun with our 8″ Skeleton Kumori!, halloween squishmallow. This officially licensed Kellytoy 2023 Halloween Sanrio Plush is a cuddly masterpiece. Crafted with marshmallow-soft materials, Kumori is an ultra-squeezable delight for all ages. Join the Squishmallows Squad and make this Halloween a squishy memory to cherish.

03) Lucasta The Teal Bat


Introducing Lucasta the Teal Bat – the perfect addition to your Halloween celebrations! This officially licensed Squishmallow is a soft and cuddly companion for kids of all ages. With its adorably spooky design and snuggly marshmallow softness, Lucasta encourages imaginative play and is an ideal gift for kids who love stuffed animals. So, why wait? Embrace the Squishmallows magic and join the squad today!

04) Lester The Jack O’ Lantern Pumpkin Latte


Introduce Halloween magic with the 10″ Lester The Jack O’ Lantern Pumpkin Latte Squishmallow. This officially licensed plush is a treat for kids and makes a fantastic gift. Crafted from premium materials, it’s your child’s perfect cuddly companion for endless imaginative adventures.

Embrace the spirit of the season. Order yours now!

05) Gio The Gargoyle


Introducing the 10″ Gio The Gargoyle, an enchanting Halloween plush by Squishmallows. Officially licensed by Kellytoy for 2023, this ultra-soft, cuddly collectible is perfect for kids and adults. With Gio, you’ll experience a snuggle that’s both spooky and delightful. Don’t miss out – order your Squishmalloween companion today!

06) Houwsbaby Halloween Mummy Vampire Bat


Experience Halloween magic with our Houwsbaby Mummy Vampire Bat Plush Pillow. This 12-inch cutie, resembling a mummy vampire bat, adds spooky charm to your décor. Crafted from skin-friendly plush, it’s cuddly and long-lasting. A perfect gift for Halloween and bat enthusiasts.

Grab this charming Halloween companion today and elevate your festive spirit!

07) Melfy The Ghost Devil 


Embrace the Halloween spirit with Melfy The Ghost Devil, an officially licensed 2023 Halloween Plush by Kellytoy. This 10-inch Squishmallow is the perfect cuddly companion for kids. Crafted with love and high-quality materials, it’s perfect for imaginative play, cuddles, and creating cherished memories. Get ready for a squishy adventure!

08) Vlad The Vampire


Unlock your child’s imagination with Vlad, a soft and huggable friend designed for endless adventures. Crafted from premium materials, this charming companion offers comfort, security, and inspiration for young minds. Embrace the magic today!

09) Halloween Black Skull Cow Plush Pillow Toy


Enhance your festivities with the Halloween Black Skull Cow Plush Pillow Toy. This adorable, high-quality plush cow is a perfect gift for kids’ birthdays and Christmas. Its soft and cuddly design offers full-body relaxation.

Embrace the Magic of Halloween Squishmallows

As the Halloween season approaches, it’s time to embrace the enchantment that Halloween Squishmallows bring to your festivities. Whether you’re a collector or simply seeking a unique way to decorate, these charming plushies are a must-have. They exemplify the spirit of Halloween, providing a blend of cuteness and warmth that sets this holiday season apart. So, go ahead, indulge in the cuddly side of Halloween, and bring these lovable creatures into your life to make this Halloween season truly unforgettable.

Collecting and Caring for Your Squishmallows

As any Squishmallow enthusiast will tell you, collecting and caring for these adorable plushies is a joy in itself. Here are some tips to make the most out of your Halloween Squishmallows collection:

  • Rotate Your Squishmallows: Give each Squishmallow a turn in the spotlight, so they all get equal love and attention.
  • Spot Cleaning: If your Squishmallow gets a little dirty, spot clean it with a mild detergent and a damp cloth. Avoid submerging it in water, as it could affect its texture.
  • Display with Love: Whether you’re placing them on your bed, a dedicated shelf, or a Halloween-themed display, show them off with pride.
  • Share the Joy: Remember, Squishmallows are all about spreading happiness. Share them with friends, family, and loved ones, and let the good vibes flow.

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